Scope of Work

Background:  In 1967 Professor John Irwin created Project Rebound as a way to matriculate people into San Francisco State University directly from the criminal justice system. The focus of Project Rebound quickly became “Education as an Alternative to Incarceration” and “Turning Former Prisoners into Scholars” after being embraced by Associated Students Incorporated. Since the program’s inception, there have been hundreds of formerly incarcerated folks who have obtained four–year degrees and beyond. The new CSU-Chancellor sponsored initiative is to expand the Project Rebound model to other CSU campuses.

Purpose:  By establishing a connection with the program, transitioning students can provide themselves with the opportunity to benefit from the resources and support services that the university will make available to them to ensure their well-being and success as students.  For example, program participants will have access to academic counseling, tutoring, and support from the various cultural centers on campus.

Intended Use:  The resource space will be a centralized source for information, support, guidance, and fellowship. For example, it will be similar to the Veteran’s Center at Cal Poly Pomona.

Support Services Offered:  There will be tutoring, academic advisement, career counseling, peer support, counseling and guidance, assistance with navigating policies and procedures, opportunities to meet other transitioning students, workshops and group discussions, etc.

Program Activities:  Participants will be able to receive tutoring and advising in the Project Rebound space. Participants will meet once per month as a group.  The group meetings will establish a sense of community.

Program's Targeted Demographic:  The program’s target population is formerly incarcerated individuals who are currently enrolled as students at Cal Poly Pomona.

Program Eligibility: Program participants must be formerly incarcerated. They must have completed their AA degree and have taken the CSU "Golden Four" courses: Oral Communication, Written Communication, Critical Thinking, Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. They must be officially accepted into Cal Poly Pomona before being enrolled in Cal Poly Pomona's Project Rebound.

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