Cal Poly Pomona Project Rebound Contacts

  • Program Coordinator, Priscilla Terriquez:
  • Assistant to the Executive, Sara Rodriguez:
  • Outreach Coordinator, Charles Biddle:
  • Executive Director, Dr. Renford Reese:

    CPP Project Rebound Advisory Board

  • Dr. Renford Reese, Program Director, Political Science Department
  • Sara Rodriguez, Program Coordinator
  • Dr. Jenny Switkes, Associate Chair, Mathematics and Statistics Department
  • Mariano Baez, Instructor, Economics Department
  • Claude Gonzales, Computer Information Systems, Participant
  • Dr. Terri Gomez, Interim Vice President for Student Success
  • Dr. David Speak, Chair of Academic Senate, Political Science Department
  • Dr. Greg Placentia, Manufacturing Engineering Department